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Summer Sunflower Window Collection

In our window display for J&W this month, we are embracing new technology and adding a QR Code to link window shoppers directly to our website.

Read all about our stunning sunflower theme below...

Back in France... 


Sunflowers were a feature of our trip to France in 2018, they bloom across the Loire Valley during the summer season. 

Their almost smiling faces that tilt to follow the suns rays are a delight, field upon field of glorious yellow. 

We are delighted that they are a feature in our July window display for J&W. 


Right: Chateau D’Usse, Rigny-Usse, France.
This fairy-tale castle was inspired by Charles Perrault’s Sleeping Beauty and was one of the castles that Walt Disney drew upon when designing Cinderella Castle.


Chinon, France

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We incorporated the green and yellow from the sunflowers into our window colour scheme. 

We bought a fan from the castle photographed above, so we created large fans to add colour, depth and dimension. 

Our giant paper mouse has been a favourite with many of our customers and visitors to the window, so he has remained in place. 

Using a large circle, we added a sunflower floral arrangement with a pair of hairdressing scissors. 

You can visit the window in
Gaol Lane, Sudbury, Suffolk. 


Window Display

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