Window Display

We have created a display bursting with bold colours and textures to welcome the beginning of Spring.

Learn more about our digital design process and the small touches that make the display come to life.

Spring Window Display
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Bunny silhouettes, bright personalised gift wrap
and hanging carrot decorations!



A new design! 


As we start the fresh season of Spring, and hopefully we start to see some sunnier days with it, we have created a new window display to brighten up the space. 

Complete with rustic, carnival-like bunting, which celebrates the arrival of the season of growth and new beginnings, we have set the scene with white bunny silhouettes and personalised bags which feature scissors and a comb- perfect for J&W: Ladies Hair Design. What better for the start of a new season than a new haircut too?!

You can visit the window in 

Gaol Lane, Sudbury, Suffolk. 

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Before we start making the props for each seasonal window display, we create a digital design to experiment with layout and
design ideas. 

We like our windows to tell a story or reflect what is happening around us - for example we filled the window with felted pumpkins for autumn. 

On close inspection, you will find tiny details which are important to set the scene. 

Are you looking closely? 

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