For Dad

20th June 2021

Treat your Dad or father figure to a personalised beer crate, filled with their favourite Pick 'n' Mix! 

Not a fan of the sweet stuff? 

These bottles can be filled with popcorn or savoury snacks for the perfect movie night.

If your dad is a keen baker, you could fill these glass bottles with the measured dry ingredients to make his favourite cake or bake. 


' Two Bottle Movie Night Crate'  includes two glass bottles with screw top lids and a slot for you to add your own DVD to create the perfect weekend treat box. 


IMG_3613 2.HEIC


' Four Bottle Original Father's Day Crate' includes four glass bottles with screw top lids. 

Get in touch and we can add a name or personalised message to the crate.




Please Note

Our bottles and crates are sold empty, ready for you to fill with

your choice of snack or sweet treat. We also leave the DVD choice up to you.

We are 100% sure that our favourite will not be the same as your Dad's!

In the filling suggestion photo's (images on the right above), we used two bags of supermarket confectionary to fill each bottle. The jellybeans were 85p per bag.

Handle carefully as bottles are made from glass. 

Sweets/bottle contents and DVD not included.