Perspex Signs

Welcome guests to your wedding ceremony or reception with a personalised, hand painted sign.


For an additional cost of £17, we can include a complimenting realistic silk floral arrangement which is designed and made to match your flower selection/colour scheme perfectly. 

These are also ideal for christenings, birthdays and celebrations too. 

Alternatively, we can paint a quote or message to display in your home. 

Made to order:

Sign: £35.00

Sign with Flowers and Foliage: £52.00


Personalised Perspex

Our perspex signs are the perfect addition to any event and definitely attract attention.

They can be so much more than just a warm welcoming to a ceremony or occasion. They are a forever keepsake of the special moment. 

Most recently, we have produced perspex signs for businesses.

They are great for display purposes or at a business event.

We have used them as part of our window displays also. 

Size/letter count restrictions apply. 


For a Celebration


   For Display

Midnight Mouse 1 .jpg

For Business

Colour Swatches

We have a wide range of background colours available, but we can also try to source the perfect shade if we do not currently stock the colour/shade that you are looking for. 

Colour matching is one of our specialisms.


Get in touch using any of the methods below to plan your perspex sign.