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Our first jewellery gift collection is here!  

Share a little happiness in these times of distance and darkness and send a personalised wish bracelet gift directly through their letterbox to say “hello”, spread a positive message, to celebrate an occasion, or just treat yourself! 


View our handmade Wish Bracelets below collection below.  

A silver charm of your choice is strung and knotted onto 40cm of the finest hand braided wax cotton cord, which is available in a range of colours.


The beautiful saying behind them is: 


“Tie the bracelet onto your wrist and make a wish. 

Once the cord begins to wear through, 

you will know that your wish is starting to come true.” 


The perfect gift 

Choose from our cord and charm selection to design your own

Wish Bracelet to make it the perfect gift. 

Add a personal message to the jewellery card.

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Personalise your own Wish Bracelet 

Do you want to create your own personalised bracelet for you or to send as a gift? 

Follow the four quick steps to build your own! 

To place your order, simply email us with your choices or complete

the order form below. 

1. Charm   2. Cord colour  3. Write card message  4. Wrapping


5. We will confirm the total price   6. Pay

 Bracelet is £5.00 +£2.00 postage. 

1. Choose your charm

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2. Select your cord colour

         3. Write a message/short quote 

Maximum of 20 characters. 

Write your message exactly as you want it to appear. 

Choose which colour and tell us the number that

appears in the centre of the circle. 

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That's it! 

You have designed your own wish bracelet! Next, send us your choices from each section above. You can email us or complete the order form below to place your order. It is essential that you include your email address to place the order. 
Order example: 
Charm: Nature option 2
Cord colour: 9 
Message: I love you to the moon and back. 


Order Here

Thank you for your order!