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Where we began 

Our work is inspired by the love we have for creativity and bespoke design.

From luxurious wrapping to gifts with a personal touch, we offer unique and handcrafted products that are created with care and attention to the smallest of details. From January to December, we are proud to offer products that are distinctive and provide a fuller gifting experience for all events of the year,

changing the way people view the experience of present receiving, the wrapping isn't just there to conceal what is within.


Our work has a warm, countryside feel.

We believe that there is always time to be thoughtful. 

I found a passion for art and all things creative at an early age. At home, I was surrounded by paint brushes, stamps, glitter and intricate patterned papers. At school I found my place in Art and Textiles lessons, later excelling at GSCE level, and progressing to study Fashion and Textiles through the University of the Arts London course.

From here, I learnt the creative skills at the heart of the luxury fashion industry in the headquarters of Jimmy Choo, Burberry and Christian Dior. 

Most recently, I have been putting my artistic skillset into education, offering support to primary aged children through art and a creative approach to the curriculum. 


I absolutely love creating beautiful gift packaging and handcrafted wedding favour boxes that become part of the gift themselves. Each piece is designed and created with care and attention to get the best results. I believe in the power of kind words and thoughtfulness, so we treat each customer as if they are a friend. There are always new skills to develop and master, so the learning never ends as I experiment to create new designs and follow new trends - but being a trendsetter is where it's really at!  


Share the gift of kindness. 


Midnight Mouse HQ
Our 2020 lockdown project
and favourite space

Our Autumnal Cinderella moment, the beginning of our journey. 

We are so passionate about what we do.

Our aim is to offer the best across all of our handcrafted products. 


The high quality finish doesn't end at the painting of our finest egg decorations or once our perspex signs are dry. We ensure that the packaging of our products stands out heads above the rest.


We also strive to ensure that our Customer Service and relations is always at its very best to offer our customers, both new and existing, a high quality purchasing experience

What began as a creative hobby has now started to blossom into a small business that we are so proud of. By supporting us, you are ensuring that we can continue on our creative quest by creating quirky and original products that spread kindness and love.


Great gift wrap really is a gift in itself

Why Midnight Mouse? 

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Meet Monty 

Monty is our very own Midnight Mouse.


Say hello to our trusted photo shoot lighting engineer.

Watch out for him as he likes to pop up in all kinds of places! 

Ohh the cuteness...